Conference room

The OSCM has a conference room with a capacity of approximately 60 people occupying an area of 80.58 m2, including air-conditioning system and internet connection as well as wifi access. In case of need it can be divided in two separate units, divided by a Phonic Acordeon acoustic bellows door. The floor is covered with a carpet and the walls are made of plain concrete. The conference room has an acoustic ceiling as well as opaque curtains.

In terms of audiovisual equipment the following is available:

  • Two VSound VSSE15 - 800 w speakers
  • Two 10-channel Citronic CM 10-live sound tables with ECO and digital reproducers
  • Two analog amplifiers PRO 2x1000 w BST
  • Two FONESTAR LED projectors
  • Two white boardss
  • Two projection screens with remote control

The technique available provides solutions for parallel, simultaneous as well as separate presentations.