Science & Logistics Services

The Science Support & Logistics Team at OSCM supports and mediates the OSCM and CVOO operations. The team is in charge of the monthly sampling cruises and shore-based analysis of the samples and subsequent data processing. It also provides assistance in the execution of field campaigns and scientific events and workshops. OSCM has a well-trained team with international experience, which assures high quality at an international level of the services provided.

Offered Services:

  • CVOO time-series sampling:
    OSCM provides access to the open-ocean CVOO site for sampling of additional parameters.
  • Halieutic Research:
    Shore- and ship-based facilities can be offered to also carry out fisheries research campaign such as hydroacoustic surveys, zooplankton sampling, etc.
  • Oceanographic surveys:
    OSCM provides technical expertise to carry out hydrographic surveys in the region by using R/V Islândia.
  • Deployment & recovery of oceanographic equipment:
    The team is experienced in deployment and recoveries of buoys, profiling floats, glider and other seagoing and autonomous equipment.
  • Liquid nitrogen:
    Production of liquid nitrogen for sample preservation and shipment, scientific analysis or even for applications in the private sector can be produced at OSCM and transported to any destination in Cabo Verde.
  • Logistical services:
    Handling of scientific equipment (customs clearance, local transportation) can be coordinated by OSCM to ensure reliability of local logistics for any field campaigns being conducted in the region.
  • Event organization:
    Support for the organization of scientific meetings or even high-level policy meetings can be offered.