Research Vessel

RV Islândia is a small fishing vessel for pelagic and bottom trawls, built in 1993 in Iceland. In 1994 it was donated to the Cape Verdean Government and is now under IMar's responsibility. Islândia today serves as an oceanographic platform to conduct field campaigns in the tropical Northeast Atlantic and the monthly sampling at the Cape Verde Ocean Observatory. In a joint effort of IMar (formerly INDP) and GEOMAR, the vessel received a moderate refit between 2006 and 2008 including the installation of two oceanographic winches, a starboard J-frame and a 10-foot laboratory container. Technicians at the IMar are in charge of the regular sampling at the CVOO site and maintenance of scientific equipment on board. For day trips, Islandia provides capacity for up to 9 scientists, for several-day trips with overnight stay, accommodation on board is available for up to 5 persons. On board you’ll find a small mess, kitchen, two bedrooms, fresh water supply and a small laboratory.

R/V Islândia - Onboard Capabilities:

  • CTD rosette for water profiling & sampling (600 m depth rating)
  • Small plankton net
  • HydroBios MultiNet
  • J-frame for deployment of instruments over the side
  • Fixed A-frame aft for towing and deployment of small instruments
  • Crane for lifting of gear on working deck
  • Small lab room and additonal 10-foot lab container
  • Small zodiac (~ 4 m) with outboard engine
  • Deployment and recovery of autonomous platforms (e.g. glider, floats etc.)
  • Echosounder SIMRAD EK80

The CTD has the following components:

  • Sea-Bird SBE 32 rosette (12 Niskin bottles, 5L)
  • Sea-Bird SBE 19plus (CTD)
  • Sea-Bird SBE 33 (deck unit)
  • Sea_Bird SBE 5T (pump)
  • Sea-Bird SBE 43 (oxygen sensor)
  • Biospherical QSP-2350 sensor (PAR)
  • Biospherical QSP-2200 sensor (PAR deck)
  • WETLabs ECO FLNTURT sensor (fluorescence/turbidity)